“Here is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie”

92. Kenda Perez

posted by Kathy

One of Lindsay Lohan‘s big “comeback” roles this year was in a micro-budget indie movie called The Canyons. You probably remember the hillariously bad trailer from a few months back. It turns out there was a reporter on set the entire time they filmed, and he wrote about what a fucking train wreck Lindsay was to work with. According to The New York Times Magazine here’s what happened when Lindsay needed to show up for a rehearsal:

Lohan canceled the first day but promised she’d be there the next morning, a Sunday. She never showed. [The director and producer] Paul Schrader and Braxton Pope texted and left messages on her phone. There was no answer. Schrader thought about what he should do. Right now, he had the upper hand; there really was an actress waiting in Paris. But once they started shooting, he’d lose the power. Lohan could hold the entire production hostage. So he fired her.

He went back to his room at the Orlando Hotel in Beverly Hills and left it to Pope to deliver the bad news. Pope finally reached Lohan, telling her she was done. Lohan began to cry and begged for another chance. Pope told her that Schrader had made up his mind.

Lohan headed for the Orlando. She pounded on doors until she found Schrader’s room. As she banged on his door, she texted him manically. Schrader could hear her crying but wouldn’t let her in. He texted her instead.

“Lindsay, go home.” The hotel manager rang up to ask if he should call the cops. Schrader told him no and sat down on his bed. Lohan stayed out in the hall sobbing for another 90 minutes before she finally left.

It’s a really long article but treat yourself and give the whole thing a read. Lindsay threw a fit because she was being out-acted by her porn star costar. She drove drunk and stayed out all night with Lady Gaga until half an hour before her call time. She disappeared for days on end, and even when she made it to the set would make runs for it in the middle of filming. And all the while she’s talking about how much she loves work and it’s the best. And everyone, EVERYONE around her is telling her how talented she is, including the reporter himself. This is why she thinks she’ll win an Oscar one day, because her cracked-out insanity rubs off on the people around her.