Kendall Jenner Is A Poor Thing

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Before you read this, please understand that Kendall Jenner is famous because her older sister followed Paris Hilton around like a lost puppy to be in full view of photograpers at all times, and when that didn’t work, she leaked her own sex tape. Then E! was there to wipe up the semen, so they could give her a show. A show that Kendall Jenner was in, because she happened to be in the house because Kim had to visit her mom every episode per Kris Jenner’s contract. So it makes perfect sense that she would go on a Twitter rant complaining about the paparazzi.

Bitch, shut up. You’re on television show in the same way your mom’s coffee table is on a television show. You just happened to be in the room. If you don’t want your picture taken, tell your mom to stop putting a paparazzi GPS up your ass. Also, stop with the model thing. You’re not fooling anyone.