This Is Why Lindsay Lohan Was In London (Hint: Prostitution)

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Lindsay Lohan was in London over New Years, wearing fur and staying at a fancy hotel. Considering the IRS froze her bank accounts people were wonder why she was there and how she was paying. Turns out some rich men will still pay crazy amounts for her company. The Daily Mail reports:

Lindsay Lohan will be able to pay off the IRS after earning more than $100,000 to celebrate New Year with the son of the Sultan of Brunei.

The troubled star, 26, was paid to fly to London to see in 2013 with Prince Haji Abdul Azim, where she was put up in the five-star Dorchester Hotel, along with her mother Dina – and was seen leaving the lavish party. The 30-year-old, celebrity-obsessed prince also paid Lionel Ritchie a whopping $250,000 to come sing for him and Pamela Anderson, a favorite, to come show herself off for $75,000 at the crazy bash.

So Lionel Ritchie is worth 2.5 Lindsay Lohans, but Pamela Anderson is worth $25,000 less. Poor Pam. Nothing says “past your prime” like not being considered as attractive or interesting as a drunk, pathologically lying ex-con.