Kim Kardashian Isn’t Real Enough

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We all know every single thing Kris Jenner can possibly monetize about her daughter’s pregnancy will get sold and then shoved down America’s collective throat until we beg for mercy, but it turns out Kim‘s extensive plastic surgery might finally be hurting her the only place she can still feel it: her wallet. So far no one wants to pay her to lose the baby weight after she gives birth. HuffPo reports:

“Kim would love to get a paid gig like Jessica, but so far no one is interested,” a friend of the reality star tells The Huffington Post. “She plans to stay healthy during her pregnancy, but even so will gain baby weight that she would love to be paid to lose.” A Weight Watchers representative confirmed the company has no plans to work with Kim, adding that they have a long-term relationship with Jessica. Additionally, Jenny Craig told TMZ they are focusing on “real women,” not Kim.

Oh, buuuuuurn. What this really means is that Kim will get getting super fat long before most of us expected. Because you know she will hold on to that baby weight until someone, anyone gives her money to lose it. She’ll be begging on the streets of LA with a sign saying “Will Do Lunges For $$$.”