Britney Spears Is Getting Fired From X-Factor

80. Jamie Chung

Apparently she wasn’t crazy enough for television. ‘MERICA! Us Magazine reports:

“Britney will get the boot,” an insider tells Hot Stuff of the pop star, who joined the show in May, along with fellow newcomer Demi Lovato. “Producers wanted her for the long haul, but it isn’t working.” One reason? Spears’ $15 million contract, which sources say the low-energy mentor hasn’t earned. “They paid all that for her to say ‘amazing’ and offer half-claps,” a second insider tells Us. Adds a third source of show co-creator Simon Cowell, who is leading the charge to axe the performer: “He wanted crazy Britney, but he got boring Britney.”

Much like the The Voice and American Idol, X-Factor is rarely about the people on the stage. It’s just an excuse for networks to parade America’s great reservoir of idiots and narcissists on stage so the hosts can pick on the low hanging fruit. But as it turns out, the majority of the hosts are fruit already rotting on the ground. Britney Spears judging a singing competition? That’s like me judging a competition that tells you which tampon is the most comfortable.