Taylor Swift Bought Harry Styles $80K Of Beatles Stuff

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“I call this one the John Mayer LOL”

When Taylor Swift turned 23 earlier this month, Harry Styles spent $1,500 on 23 cupcakes, a Jimmy Choo bag, and earrings. And since Taylor Swift has no fucking idea how to take shit slow, because she’s a codependent slut who falls in love with anyone famous who says hi to her, she just dropped $80K on Beatles memorabilia, because Styles is a fan. New York Daily News reports:

Nothing says love like $80,000 worth of Beatles memorabilia. In a sign of just how fast her latest relationship is blossoming, Taylor Swift has called around Liverpool record shops in an effort to purchase the perfect gift for her beau, One Direction singer Harry Styles, London’s Daily Star reported. It’d be the perfect gift for 18-year-old Styles, despite his boy band pedigree, is a huge fan of the Fab Four.

Conor Kennedy reportedly broke things off because apparently Taylor Swift was already talking about babies and getting married. And this was left than a month ago. Note to self: 1.) Tell Taylor Swift she’s pretty 2.) Tell her I’m a fan of cyborg dragons with laser eyes.