Megan Fox Is Back To Saying Stupid Things

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Megan Fox said a lot of stupid things, then she got pregnant and disappeared for a while. Now the baby is out and she’s doing interviews again. Which means she is again saying stupid things. Us Weekly reports:

“I was about two months pregnant. I was really sick,” the star of This Is 40 said when she returned for the Dec. 17 episode of the NBC talk show. “I was very nauseous. I had really bad morning sickness.” Fox continued, “It was so bad for me. . . I was convinced that I was, like, maybe birthing a vampire baby like the one in Twilight — you know what happens to Bella, where she’s in cold sweats all the time — and I felt like that was happening because I had no vitamins and nutrients and I was just nauseous.” “Something not human was happening!” she added.

Yes, I realize this was probably a joke, so it’s good to see one of those on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, but isn’t being nauseous and sick part of being pregnant? I was pregnant with a burrito once and I’m pretty sure pregnancy is would be way worse.