Lindsay Drinks “Two Liters Of Vodka A Day” Now

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“Does God have a plan for an open bar for me?”

The details surrounding Lindsay Lohan‘s assault arrest yesterday kept pouring in last night and long story short, details include a psychic, Lindsay getting drunk rage because this dude talked to another chick, spitting, racial slurs, and a bad review of Liz & Dick. It’s basically gotten out of control. You know, like Lindsay’s vodka consumption. TMZ reports

Lindsay Lohan’s drinking problem has returned with a vengeance — sources close to the actress tell TMZ, she’s been boozing heavily for months now … as much as TWO LITERS of vodka a day. According to sources, Lindsay’s become so stressed by her dire financial situation and the impending probation violation — stemming from her PCH crash this summer — that she’s turned to alcohol for relief. We’re told Lindsay — who’s struggled with substance abuse in the past and even has a DUI conviction under her belt — would often begin drinking first thing in the morning, and continue drinking throughout the day. As for the Thursday morning NYC nightclub brawl … we’re told Lindsay was drinking all day and showed up at the Bieber concert already hammered. She continued to drink throughout the night, and got extremely sloppy. According to sources, Lindsay’s friends have given up trying to help her because when she’s drunk … she tends to get violent — which makes sense in light of her arrest for assault.

I’d throw up if I drank two liters of Coke a day, much less vodka. Is this really a thing that people do? Does vodka contain vitamins? That seems pretty excessive. I don’t even know how this would be beneficial to anyone. I mean, unless there’s an alcoholic vampire out there somewhere. If there is, hey man, go for it.