Justin Bieber And Selena Had A Fight, He Then Cried Outside Her House

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This Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez thing is slowly becoming an episode of Wicked Attraction, and since Latina girls like to argue in public, these two got into a huge fight at a restaurant on Saturday then Justin chased Selena back to her house. Where she wouldn’t let him in. Then he had a meltdown. TMZ reports:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez got in an epic argument during dinner Friday and let’s just say … they didn’t even make it to the appetizer. A source inside the San Fernando Valley Japanese restaurant tells TMZ … the “couple” had an argument while inside the restaurant and Selena left less than 10 minutes into the meal. Justin quickly followed with his head bowed. According to a photog on scene … Selena drove home with Justin trailing a few minutes behind. When Justin got to her place … she denied him entrance at the gate and Bieber drove off.

But don’t give on love just yet, because they were back together at the AMAs last night. E! Online reports:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were back together Sunday night at an American Music Awards afterparty. After racking up three awards, the Biebs took mom Pattie Mallette and Selena to an AMA post-show celebration at the Marriot Downtown in L.A. Although Selena and Justin have yet to publicly comment on their rumored split, the young duo certainly looked like a couple Sunday, per the twitpic posted on a fanpage. As the twosome chatted with Justin’s mom, Selena held onto the “Boyfriend” singer’s forearm.

It’s hard to tell what’s next for these two, but if movies have taught me anything, they’ll either get matching tattoos on Thanksgiving or enter into a suicide pact.