Kristen Stewart Is Still Texting Rupert Sanders

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Because being forced into marriage and giving all of of your passwords to your insecure, codependent boyfriend is every woman’s dream, Kristen Stewart is still keeping in touch with Rupert Sanders. Man, I wonder why she would do that? Hollywood Life reports:

“Kristen is saying all the right things to Rob, but she’s not being totally honest with him. Rob made her promise to stop talking to Rupert, and she’s broken that promise already. Kristen justifies it because, technically, she’s not actually talking to him, so she feels like she’s still keeping her word,” the source adds. Kristen and Rupert spent a lot of time together on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman. Beyond their affair, a friendship likely formed. “Kristen swears she’s only keeping in touch with Rupert because she feels sorry for him. His wife, Liberty Ross, has totally turned her back on him, and Kristen feels somewhat responsible for that. She doesn’t want to hurt Rob, but she doesn’t see the harm in exchanging text messages with Rupert so that he doesn’t feel so abandoned.”

In an IDLYITW Exclusive, I got a copy of one of their text exchanges:

Rupert: u alone?

Kristen: for a few. rob’s in the shower. 🙂

Rupert: he showers? lol

Kristen: lol

Rupert: *dick pic*

Seems legit.