Eric Johnson Cheated On Jessica Simpson With His Ex-Wife

Long story short, Eric Johnson was married to Keri Johnson until she kicked him out of the house, so he started dating Jessica Simpson and moved in because he was broke. Keri and Eric were allegedly “estranged” when he started dating Jessica, but apparently his penis and her vagina were the last to know. Radar Online reports:

The couple was already having problems, but it wasn’t until later when they officially decided to take a break, “hoping it would ultimately make their marriage stronger,” according to one of Keri’s confidantes. Meanwhile, Eric jumped headfirst into his relationship with the sexy singer, which sparked outrage with his ex-wife’s friends.

“He’s a two-timing cheat!” alleges one pal. “He was still having sex with Keri after he started seeing Jessica. She needs to think twice before marrying him. He’s already cheated on her once — he’ll most likely do it again.”

I can’t tell if this is just some of the evil shit that women do (“he’s cheating on you, guuurrlll!”), or if Eric Johnson was actually banging two women at once. Because the story sounds true, but I know that all men don’t like banging two women at once. It never crosses our mind. From the day we’re born, we dream of our wedding and the chance to spend the rest of our lives with one woman. Sex is emotional for us and it would be hard for us to share our feelings and our precious gift with more than one woman at a time. Dating is sacred and as soon as we commit to a woman, no other woman exists. We would never put ourselves in any situation where we could potentially have multiple pieces of pussy on rotation. Quite frankly, the more I think about it, the more I find this whole allegation disgusting. How long will men have to be tortured? Our bodies don’t belong to you! OUR BODIES OUR CHOICE!