Lindsay Wants Revenge

8. Pride of the Yankees

Yesterday, the New York D.A.’s office dropped all charges aide to Republican Illinois Rep. John Shimkus, Christian LaBella, after Lindsay Lohan told police he assaulted her in her hotel room. Now she’s on a personal quest for revenge, because how can the legal system have the audacity to not let her steal somebody’s phone? Page Six reports:

Lindsay Lohan isn’t lying down on this one — the banged-up bombshell is vowing to get her revenge on the congressional aide she accused of choking her at the W Hotel on Park Avenue South in the early hours of Sunday morning. “He isn’t going to get away with this,” she told us after cops opted not to prosecute Christian LaBella after the pair tussled over pictures he allegedly took of her on his cellphone during a night out on the town. Lohan added of the incident, “I’m in shock and it was a really scary situation.” Sources tell us Lohan is asking for witnesses to make statements to the police.

Can Lindsay just kill her landlord and fall off a roof already? I feel this has dragged on way too long.