Robert Pattinson Was Named The Sexiest Man Alive

9. A League of Their Own

For the fourth year in a row, Glamour UK has named Robert Pattinson the sexiest man alive. Somebody should tell Rupert Sanders. You know, for the lulz. New York Post reports:

More than 40,000 people voted in this year’s survey. The “Twilight” heartthrob beat “Thor” star Tom Hiddleston and perennial favorite Johnny Depp, who were second and third respectively.

1) Robert Pattinson

2) Tom Hiddleston

3) Johnny Depp

4) Michael Fassbender

5) Benedict Cumberbatch

6) Robert Downey Jr.

7) Taylor Lautner

8) Paul Wesley

9) James McAvoy

10) Henry Cavill

I question any list about sexiness that includes the words “Benedict” and “Cumberbatch”, but that’s the least of your worries when Robert Pattinson is at the top. Because nothing says “sexiest man alive” than an insecure, pussy whipped cry baby who asks a chick to marry him after she told the world that she took loads in the mouth in between takes of her latest movie. Tony Romo even questions the accuracy of this list.