Beyonce Might Be Three Months Pregnant

Or something. Media Takeout reports:

September 24, 2012: A few months back we told you guys that Jay and Bey were telling folk that they were PREGNANT . . . some of y’all ain’t believe us – but now there’s PROOF. Beyonce stepped out yesterday showing a CLEAR BELLY BULGE that was not there just a few weeks ago. And remember the LAST TIME Bey was pregnant – she wasn’t big AT ALL. We want to wish a CONGRATULATIONS to Jay and Bey . . . and our prayers are with you – that this pregnancy will go as smoothly as the last. Mmebers of the press are REQUIRED to credit for this EXCLUSIVE report.

Media Takeout is the only one reporting this, so there’s a good chance Beyonce recently had a hysterectomy. But if it is true, congratulations on little Azul Hedera or Turquoise Kudzu or whatever.

Since I don’t have any pictures that could lead you to believe that Beyonce is pregnant, here’s Christina Hendricks. Who just always kinda looks pregnant: