Lady Gaga Smoked Weed On Stage

Coachella 2013: Vampire Weekend

Lady Gaga becomes more irrelevant by the day, mostly because people are realizing her music sucks and the “shocking” shit she does is calculated and played. So of course she smoked weed on stage during a concert in Amsterdam last week. Daily Mail reports:

She’s previously admitted to being ‘a little bit part of the green club’ and Gaga revealed all to her fans – many of them young – as she smoked marijuana onstage. In a video captured at her performance in Amsterdam earlier this week. The singer was seen mid-show lighting a big joint and inhaling on it during a break in the show. Praising the ‘wondrous’ drug, the 26-year-old singer told fans she had cut down on drinking alcohol because she prefers smoking the substance….Paying tribute to the ‘medical wonders’ of marijuana, Mother Monster said she thought Amsterdam was the ‘appropriate place’ to tell her Little Monsters about her feelings for the drug. Of course, in the Netherlands smoking the substance has been essentially decriminalised with the possession and purchase of cannabis tolerated in small amounts. While some fans appreciated her honesty, many were left unimpressed by her antics.

Obvious pandering aside, was this really supposed to be shocking to anyone in the audience. She was in Amsterdam. If so, I can’t wait until she eats a taco on stage in Mexico or gets married to three women on stage in Utah. People’s minds will be blown from how shocked they are! Can you even believe it?!