Katy Perry And John Mayer Had A Fight At The VMAs

John Mayer may or may not have broken up with Katy Perry by email, but then they immediately got back together. So it makes sense they would go to the MTV VMAs together have a fight in front of everybody.

The Sun

The couple had a bust-up after the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday night in Los Angeles. There were already rumours that Katy and John were on the rocks — and they didn’t do much to stop them as they attended a bash at the Beverly Hills Hotel. A source said: “John and Katy had been to dinner at Italian restaurant Madeo before going to the party and something had clearly gone on. “When they turned up to the Esquire event, Katy was walking well in front of John and it was clear they had just had a fight. “Inside, their tempers were both boiling and they eventually disappeared to have it out in a private room away from other party-goers.”

According to other sources, Mayer was pissed because Katy wanted to party instead of just hanging out with him, which is basically the same thing Russell Brand said when he divorced her. But what I don’t understand is why Mayer is even bothering. Hasn’t he fucked her already? Mark her off the list, bro. Let’s move on. They bus them into L.A. everyday. You’re wasting valuable time here with all this.

pic source = WENN