Rihanna And Chris Brown Kissed At The VMAs Last Night

I switched over to the 2012 MTV VMAs last night at the exact moment McKayla Maroney was on stage, but instead of pausing it to help me sleep, I kept watching until I saw Kevin Hart. Were his leg amputated at some point? Was he some kind of Tuskegee experiment? I’m just trying to understand why he’s 3 feet tall and why elves make his clothes. But anway, apparently I missed the shocking scene where Rihanna supposedly kissed Chris Brown. But, you know, she really didn’t. This is the kind of kiss you see at a funeral. Like Rihanna had when Chris Brown almost beat her to death. So I guess she’s over it. I just wish she would’ve found out a way to weaponize her forehead. This video and picture could have been a lot different.

banner pic source = Instagram