Lindsay Lohan Crashed Katy Perry’s Party Then Stalked Her

While she’s trying to find a way to smother Robert Pattinson’s grief with her tits barely four days after broke up with Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry had to kick Lindsay Lohan out of a party a few weeks ago because Lindsay is fucking creepy now. The Sun reports:

KATY Perry wasn’t very welcoming to Lindsay Lohan when she tried to befriend her at a roller disco. Katy ordered pals to get rid of the actress at the party she threw for her stylist Johnny Wujek in California a couple of weeks back. A source said: “Lindsay followed Katy around trying to take a photo with her. Katy told her friends to keep her away as she was acting really weird.”

Like, does anything embarrass Lindsay? Seriously. Over the last five years has she ever sat down and said, “Damn. What the hell is wrong with me?”. Apparently not because she crashes parties and follows people around with a camera so she can put it online and pretend she has friends. You know, like you do on Facebook.