Jessica Simpson Is Going On A Hunger Strike

#7: Your Boobs Have Gotten Bigger.

Let’s not pretend it didn’t happen, because we all know Jessica Simpson put on a ridiculously amount of unnecessary weight during her pregnancy, because sometimes Eric Johnson didn’t make the chains tight enough before midnight to prevent her from putting Chick-Fil-A sauce on the villagers. But she just signed a $4M deal with Weight Watchers, so I guess she had to stop eating. Good luck with all that, bro. US Weekly reports:

She’s breast-feeding Max and wants her to get the best nutrition,” a source tells the new issue of Us Weekly (out Friday) of the singer, whose pregnancy snacks included Pop-Tarts and Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese. “She has to cut down on fast food. Besides, it’s a great way to jump-start the massive diet ahead.”

So, Jessica Simpson has “cut down” on fast food. The article didn’t elaborate but I assume she’ll still get a Taco Bell box and four double quarter pounder meals for lunch, she just won’t eat the fries at the bottom of the bag. She’ll save those for ten minutes later.