Kristen Stewart Is Indecent

So someone finally decided to make a film based on Jack Kerouac’s hedonistic tome On the Road and now conservative groups have their panties up in a bunch because Kristen Stewart isn’t getting typecast as someone who saves herself for marriage.

Dan Gainor from the conservative non-profit organization the Culture and Media Institute told RadarOnline:

“In the film On The Road, Kristen Stewart engages in a threesome and masturbates two male characters according to reports. How will parents who took their daughters to see the Twilight movies explain this? It is irresponsible of Stewart and manipulative of Hollywood bosses to deliberately try to destroy any sense of decency these actresses might have taught young people.”

I’m not saying this guy spends most of his day obsessing about barely legal teens who appear nude in film, but he did go on to mention by name six other child stars that eventually became very naughty women. And do conservative parents really think that when you let your child see a film starring an actress, you must then let them watch every single film that actress makes? Because if so I can see a really simple solution here that will still allow 20-year-old starlets to have gratuitous on-screen sex for everyone else’s enjoyment.