Megan Fox Is Having A Girl

Kelly Brook

Brian Austin Green’s existence continues to be thrown in my face, because Megan Fox is still going through with this whole pregnancy thing. Radar Online reports:

The pregnant actress and husband Brian Austin Green are expecting a girl, Star magazine is exclusively reporting. “She’s been helping to raise Brian’s 10-year-old son, Kassius [by ex-girlfriend, actress Vanessa Marcil], for years, and now she’ll have the experience of being mommy to a little girl,” a source tells Star. “Obviously, Megan and Brian would be happy with a healthy baby of either gender, but they’re beyond thrilled that Kassius is going to have a little sister.” “She’ll be due at the very end of September or the first week in October,” the source adds. “Megan is attached to a movie called Swindle, but it’s in rewrites and probably won’t even begin filming until next year. So right now her plate is totally clean, and she can devote herself to her baby.”

Whatever. I have nothing add to this. I’ll just be over here programming my time machine 2030 so I can stand outside her school. Hey, girl. What up?