Mila Kunis’ Stalker Got Arrested. Again.

Stuart Lynn Dunn, who apparently really wants to meet Mila Kunis then possibly behead her then jackoff to her corpse after he puts it in a wedding dress because he’s really crazy, has been arrested for violating a restraining order. Huffington Post reports:

Prosecutors have charged a man with stalking Mila Kunis and violating a restraining order that was issued after he broke into a vacant condo owned by the actress. Stuart Lynn Dunn is scheduled to be arraigned Friday in Los Angeles on two stalking-related felony charges. He is being held on $190,000 bail. The 27-year-old has been arrested twice this year for trying to contact and meet the “That `70s Show” and “Black Swan” star. In February, a judge ordered Dunn to stay away from Kunis after he was found living in a vacant condo unit owned by the star. He had repeatedly tried to contact her before that arrest, and he was arrested earlier this month outside her gym.

So he shows up to her gym and breaks into an empty condo? That’s weak, bro. I gave Ashley Greene a heart for Valentine’s Day last year. The police were being all haters and trying to tell me that the homeless guy was pretty attached to it. But, tell me, what do they know of love?