Jessica Simpson Got $800K For Pics Of Her Child Thing

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For all intents and purposes, babies are pretty useless. What do they even do all day? Eat, shit, and cry? A hostage can do that, but at least they can talk. So keep that in mind when you realize Jessica Simpson was paid $800K for just a picture of her baby.

Radar Online reports:

Jessica Simpson has done a deal to sell her daughter’s first pictures for an incredible $800,000. The Fashion Star judge has brokered the impressive amount in return for People magazine running exclusive photos of the tot, according to Women’s Wear Daily. Simpson’s huge payday still ranks her well behind other celebrities who hit premium pay dirt with their progenies. Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend sold the first photos of their newborn son Levi to OK! magazine for $3 million. Jennifer Lopez is thought to have received $6 million from People for the first look at her twins.

I have no idea what these pictures entail, but I assume somebody had to pull her to the side and tell her that barbecue sauce and Nesquick might not be the best things to but in a baby bottle.