Lindsay Lohan Got Off Again

Well, would you look at that. Lindsay Lohan isn’t going to be held responsible for something she probably did.

Radar Online reports:

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office has decided not to file charges against Lindsay Lohan for an alleged hit and run she was accused of carrying out recently…According the the Los Angeles County District Attorney Charge Evaluation Worksheet, [the alleged victim Thaer] Kamal had credibility issues and changed his story.

However, Lohan is still under investigation for allegedly assaulting Marisa Dugas at a club at The Standard Hotel. Detectives are wrapping up the investigation, and sources connected to the case tell that there is enough “compelling evidence” to charge the embattled actress… “Lindsay should be treated just like everyone else and not get any special treatment because she is a celebrity,” Mark Haushalter, Dugas’ attorney previously [stated.]

Quick, what was Lindsay’s last movie? Not one she claimed she was going to be in or this Lifetime bullshit, but a starring role on the big screen. Exactly. Lindsay isn’t a movie star anymore, her continued celebrity is completely down to being hauled to court over her drunken shenanigans. It’s the ultimate reality show. So even if the guy accusing her was just as much of a cracked-out fame whore looking for a quick buck as she is, Lindsay should be thanking him on bended knee (a position she is more than used to) for keeping her relevant.