Kate Upton Paid $25K To Attend The Met Ball

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Yeah, what the title said. I don’t get paid by the word here, you know. Page Six reports:

We’re told the blond bombshell and model of the moment so wanted to be at fashion’s big night out that she plunked down $25,000 of her own money to attend this year’s gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art….“She told Anna she would really like to attend,” said a source. “Then she offered to pay for her own ticket. Kate then whipped out her checkbook and paid the $25,000 for her seat. Anna took the check on the spot.”

I’m not really even sure this is a story because doesn’t everybody have to pay $25K to attend the Met Ball? They do right? So I’m a little confused why the New York Post chose to run this, but I guess they should have thought about that if they didn’t want me to post a picture of Kate Upton’s boobs. HAHAHHA take that, New York Post!