Here’s Anthony Hopkins As Alfred Hitchcock

If you think the GOP’s war on women is bad, just pop in a Hitchcock movie and you’ll see that the GOP has a long way to go. Because goddamn, Hitchcock. Chill with the murder/rape fantasies, bro. Anyway, here’s Anthony Hopkins almost completely unrecognizable as the iconic director for the upcoming film, Hitchcock, which tells the story of the making of Hitchcock’s seminal film, Psycho. Scarlett Johansson will play the film’s only star (Janet Leigh) who gets stabbed to death in the shower by a creeper mama’s boy (Norman Bates/James D’Arcy) with dissociative identity disorder within the first 20 minutes. Jessica Biel is also in it because a film can’t have too much quality acting I guess.

Hopkins pic source = Fox Searchlight

Pic source = WENN