PETA Sent Miley Cyrus To The ER

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In their quest to wipe every human being off the planet so animals can live peacefully while hunting and killing each other, Miley Cyrus was rushed to the ER yesterday after severely cutting her finger while cooking something from her new gluten free vegan cookbook she got from PETA. Unfortunately her vocal chords weren’t damaged.

Radar Online

Miley Cyrus was rushed to the emergency room on Monday night after badly cutting her finger and has the photo of her heavily bandaged digit and video of her hospital trip. The 19-year-old singer was escorted by her mother, grandmother and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth to the ER where she was spotted cradling her injured finger…While it’s unclear how her accident happened, earlier in the day she Tweeted PETA to thank them for her gluten free vegan cookbook — so maybe she diced her digit while cooking up a healthy meal?!!

Whatever. Demi Lovato would have slit her wrists then blown a bunch of guys for coke to get the recipe right. Miley needs to step up her game.