Kim Kardashian Has Moved On

Yesterday Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spent all day together out and about in New York City but were sure to walk far enough apart that they were never in the same frame. That’s because after the media circus surrounding her last relationship Kim just wants to keep this one private, low key and oh no right she went on TV to talk about it.

TMZ has the video:

Kim Kardashian is ALREADY talking about her blossoming relationship with Kanye West … telling the “Today” show she’s a big fan of his new song.

A smiley, happy Kim sat down with Ann Curry this morning and took on question after question about her new hook-up to which Kim replied, “I completely respect and understand you have to ask these questions.”

Yes, Kim, they do have to ask, but you don’t have to answer. You don’t have to go on national television and assure the public that you’ve traded up. See, there are these things called choices. You can make the choice to take all the blood money you’ve made off Chinese sweatshop workers and retire to the suburbs. You could make the choice to marry Kanye (once your second divorce is final, of course) and settle down to raise a child of your own, away from the cameras. Then one day when that child is old enough you can explain that mommy used to be famous for being pissed on and daddy managed to offend someone every time he opened his stupid mouth. It’s like a fame whore fairy tale.