Well, Hello There

Because at least one person in the fashion industry isn’t a raging homosexual, Ashley Greene is now the face of DKNY, and here she is at Macy’s Herald Square in NYC posing for pictures and signing autographs. She seems really friendly and engaging here, so I hope she loosened up and felt comfortable telling strangers about us. And how we’re getting married and how many kids were going to have. Two, we’re having two. One boy and one girl. And we’re getting a chocolate lab puppy and the children will play with puppy in our backyard and then maybe the girl will want to take karate instead of ballet and I’ll teach the boy to play basketball or chess or whatever he’s into because we don’t want our kids to be afraid to express themselves and be who they are and then I lick her vagina at some point in this story. I don’t know. I’m sure she had a lot to talk about.