Lindsay Will Sue The Man She Hit With Her Car If He Keeps Saying She Hit Him With Her Car

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To make a long story short, Lindsay Lohan is a fuck up. There’s really no other phrase that can truly encapsulate the magic that is Lindsay, and last week she hit somebody with her car outside Hookah Lounge then fled the scene. She of course said it wasn’t her when she was finally pulled over, that’s because she’s not above throwing an innocent passenger under the bus. Since the LAPD will not rest until Lindsay actually finally kills another human being, Lindsay was not arrested and they will only pursue this as an open investigation if the individual who was hit files a report. Well, he is. And of course Lindsay is trying her usual strong arm tactic when she feels she might be held accountable for her actions: she’s threatening to sue. Radar Online reports:

“Lindsay won’t be taken advantage of by this opportunist, which he clearly is. Lindsay has told her attorney, Shawn Holley, to convey to the Hookah manger’s lawyer that if he files a lawsuit against her Lindsay will come back at him with everything she has,” a source close to the situation tells “Lindsay will immediately file a counter-suit against him, for libel, defamation and other claims. Lindsay is in the midst of a comeback right now and she won’t let this guy try and make a quick buck off of her. If he is smart he should recognize that he has no facts to support his allegations and take this no further.”

Yes, of course. Totally. This guy is an opportunist. He walked into that car so he could get reap untold fortunes from the $200.32 in Lindsay’s account. And even if this guy completely made this whole story up, Lindsay is in this situation because she puts herself into these situations. You’re on probation, you dumb bitch. Stay the fuck home and you won’t have to worry about not knowing how to drive. It’s really not that difficult. But then again you’re pretty stupid. You might want to get that looked at.