For The Rapper And/Or Black Athlete In Your Life

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Since Kris Jenner forces Chinese children to use their tiny hands to make lingerie and forces her daughters to be whores, it seems only natural that she would put the whores in the lingerie and have them model for their own clothing line because models cost money so fuck that. The CGI and oil tanker of Veet (and live cats for Khloe) it took to make this ad probably cost way less than it would have if Kris hired actual models rather than her aged out Armenian ATMs. Khloe looks like a failed attempt at a Frankenstein’s bride and I’m pretty sure Kourtney could use this same picture for a Girls of Applebee’s calendar. But Kim actually looks okay here. Especially whatever she’s wearing. Apparently when you put it on it takes 72 inches from your waist.

Pic source = Kardashian