Lindsay Will Make Fun Of Herself On SNL

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Since the Los Angeles County justice system is unequivocally broken, instead of watching SNL from jail or Shutter Island, Lindsay Lohan will host the show this weekend where she and the writers plan to make light of the vile, disgusting shit she’s done for the last six years. TMZ reports:

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay has been dying to do “SNL” as a way to re-establish her career and reached out to Lorne Michaels personally to make it happen. According to our sources, Lindsay plans on using all the unpleasantness from the last few years as fodder for the show. We’re told Lindsay has already told “SNL” that she is game for anything and nothing is off limits. Our sources say Lindsay wants to show that she is “in on the joke” — so expect to see references to any number of DUIs, alleged necklace thievery, jail stints, mug shots … and on and on.

Awesome. Because if a narcissistic, out of control drug addict and raging alcoholic with no moral compass and even less perspective who steals anything she can get her hands on needs, its to be met with congratulatory applause and pats on the back for being able to laugh off her horrific life choices as she starts the final lap of her downward spiral. Really, what could possibly go wrong?