Miley Cyrus Is Subtle

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In a tweet designed to look like she is tanning and missing her boyfriend instead of whoring sunglasses, Miley Cyrus is whoring sunglasses.

Layin out in my @GREY__NAT sunnies! Miss you boooooo! Get back to LA!

People tell me that Miley Cyrus is beautiful and sexy, but nothing will allow me to believe that anything that once shot out of Billy Ray Cyrus’ dick could ever be either of those things. She’s dating Liam Hemsworth, but did anybody know who Liam Hemsworth was before that? I think the hot chicks on an Australian beach did before he started dating a hillbilly who apparently overcame fetal alcohol syndrome to record shitty music for Disney so he could get famous. I could go on I guess, but I’m trying to figure out one thing in this story I give a fuck about.