Chris Brown Is Collaborating With Rihanna

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Not on an assault charge this time, either! Vibe reports:

After much speculation about Rihanna’s upcoming “Birthday Cake (Remix),” Hot97’s Miss info has confirmed that the shocking guest feature will come from none other than Chris Brown. This comes as a shocker to both Rihanna fans and the rest of the breathing world. Nobody could have guessed these two would actually collaborate on another song together. Prior, to their publicized domestic violence incident, Chris worked with his ex-girlfriend of the “Cinderella (Umbrella Remix).” According to Miss Info, Breezy has recorded two verses for the remix. Chris reportedly raps on one and sings on the other. Earlier this week, producers Da Internz alerted MTV News about the forthcoming track. “We got the Rihanna ‘Birthday Cake’ coming out in a week,” Kosine said. “It’s gonna be crazy,” his production partner, Tuo, said shaking his head. “And the feature on there is gonna shock the world,” Kosine chimed. Recently, Chris and Rihanna have been spotted at various clubs and parties together. The official “Birthday Cake (Remix)” is expected to be released next week.

It’s long been established that Chris Brown is an asshole. But if Rihanna is going to use the man who beat the shit out of her as a publicity stunt to sell more singles, then sorry, women’s interest groups, but she’s no longer a victim. She’s an asshole too. Here’s hoping they do the world a favor and make their next collaboration on a suicide pact.