Blake Lively Got A Restraining Order

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Don’t worry, it’s not against our pal The Superficial. E! Online reports:

Blake Lively filed for a temporary restraining order at Los Angeles Superior Court today against Sergei Mifle. … Blake and her mother Elain Lively, 64, are now both protected by the order, which states that Mifle is not to come within 100 yards of the actress and her mother, nor harass, intimidate, stalk or contact them. The documents claim that “Respondent Mifle has contacted Elain Lively multiple times by telephone and by email,” and he “Left Elain a voicemail saying, ‘I really would like to not wait anymore for a phone call’ and that he needs to talk to Blake ‘before it’s too late.'” That left Lively “anxious and worried and fearful when she learned of Respondent Mifle’s harassment and stalking behavior.” The situation came to a head on February 1 when the documents claim that Mifle appeared on the set of Gossip Girl and told security that he was there to see her because he had a “metaphysical” and “spiritual” connection to her and he was there to “guide her.”

The only guide she really needs is an acting coach, so I don’t blame her for wanting this guy gone. But when you’re banging Deadpool, is a restraining order really necessary?