Katy Perry Is Getting Breakup Advice From Rihanna

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This should end well. Hollywood Life reports:

We have been told Katy is completely “devastated” and that she was happy to go on tour to Indonesia to “get away from the drama.” Thankfully, she has her BFFs, including Rihanna, to keep her occupied. “Katy’s friends are doing everything they can to help keep her happy and just be there to listen to her,” our source told us. “Rihanna has been unbelievable and checks up on her every day and even invited her on a trip. Katy even asked Rihanna to meet her in Vegas and be there with her.”

Asking Rihanna for dating advice would be on par with hiring Paula Deen as your nutritionist, but maybe Katy sees something we don’t. When she’s not fucking the guy who beat her until her eyes were swollen shut, Rihanna probably has great perspectives on ending relationships with strength and dignity. Somehow if she told me “time heals all wounds,” I’d believe her. But I think docs had a hand in fixing her fat lip, too.