Jennifer Love Hewitt Shops For Sex Toys By Herself Now

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Of course she does. Of course. Page Six reports:

Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted shopping for toys at the Hustler store the other night on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Hewitt was solo and, according to our spy, “had a few pairs of thongs in her hand and was perusing the ‘toys’ section before making a purchase.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt once wrote a book to give women dating advice, but she can’t go five minutes without being in a relationship that predictably ends with the dude ditching her needy ass because she carries three engagements rings around and is mostly crazy and will cut herself if you don’t text her fifty times a day. Somebody with tits that big shouldn’t have these kind of problems, so something is seriously fucked up here. Maybe she’ll work it out when ever she figures out how to get a dildo to talk to her.