Here’s Demi Moore’s 911 Call

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If you take every drug in front of you and seizure out on the floor, please make sure whoever calls 911 for you is able to repeat your address for the first five minutes of the call and is really able to say it phonetically and really slowly because Los Angeles dispatchers like to talk over you and are kinda dumb. They also might be Caesar Milan.


TMZ has obtained the 911 call placed moments before Demi Moore was rushed to an L.A. hospital Monday night — where she was treated for inhaling too much nitrous oxide … aka whip-its. As we first reported, any references to Demi’s drug use have been redacted from the 911 call — despite the TMZ story … paramedics on scene were told by Demi’s friends the actress had been doing whip-its. After she was rushed to the hospital, Demi was placed in a facility for substance abuse treatment.

You can LISTEN TO IT HERE, but long story short, Demi Moore smoked sativa , did whip-its, convulsed, then her friends poured cold water on her and killed her buzz. What jackasses!

There’s not a minute to spare: