Court Rack

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Lindsay was in court yesterday for another probation report hearing, and she’s all smiles here, because recently it’s the only time you’ll hear her name followed by the phrase “glowing reviews”. So basically she just sat in the courtroom while everyone involved patted her on the head and praised her for doing the shit she’s required by law to do anyway. Awesome. Why is this accepted? It’s stupid. It’s like me expecting a blowjob after I wash and put away the dishes. Wait, that’s probably not the best analogy. No, seriously it’s not. Just forget I said it, okay? LOOK I PRE-WASHED THEM BEFORE I PUT THEM IN THE DISHWASHER LIKE YOU SAID, RIGHT?! I EVEN PUT IT ON HEATED DRY! AND I TOTALLY SCRUBBED THAT BAKING WHATEVER THE HELL THAT THING WAS! C’mon, baby….don’t be like that.