Dina Lohan Just Took A Hit Out On Megan Fox

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Because a ginger cokeslut with rectal bleeding and night sweats probably isn’t the best choice to play a Hollywood beauty icon, Megan Fox is now being considered for the oh so coveted role of Elizabeth Taylor On the My Husband Beat Me And Somebody Stole My Identity Then My Husband Cheated On Me And I Have Multiple Personalities I Might Also Shoplift And I Was Raped Once Channel.

Hollywoodscoop reports:

Megan Fox, is reportedly also in talks to play Liz Taylor in the made-for-TV biopic. Both Megan Fox and Lindsay are shortlisted for the role, which is bad news for Lindsay, who was hoping this role would finally be her career comeback. According to Larry Thompson, the film’s producer, “I’ve been talking to Lindsay Lohan directly, and with her reps, and have been in conversation with other actresses, including Megan Fox,” he tells E! News. “It’s a very serious selection. It’s like casting for Hollywood royalty,” he adds.

Free press and publicity by pulling actresses’ names out of a hat is always a good thing I guess, especially for a made-for-TV movie that nobody will see, but let’s get real here. This movie is on Lifetime. I’m pretty sure the “shortlist” includes Candace Cameron and Tiffany Amber Thiessen. Then Candace Cameron again.