This Is Single

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Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne broke up. Radar Online reports:

“Brody and Avril aren’t engaged any longer,” a family friend tells Star magazine exclusively. “Things weren’t working out between the two of them. They decided to go their separate ways.” The friend explained that the couple — who have been together since early 2010 and got engaged over the holidays – have a rocky relationship. “[They] go through incredible highs and lows in their relationship and recently things have taken a nosedive,” the source said. “They are just taking things day by day before making any life changing decision.” Another source adds that they broke up because they got cold feet about getting married, but also believes this could be just a temporary break. “They got cold feet,” the source said. “I don’t think this is the end. It sounds like they are just taking a break for now. I’m sure they’ll work it out and get back together.”

I was kind of hoping these two crazy kids could work it out, but only because no one else in the world deserves to be subjected to them. One has a tattoo of his own name and the other is famous for singing about being “the motherfucking princess” and having teeth that belong on a necklace. If they’re going to end things, they should do it right. You know, with a suicide pact.