Lindsay Owes $93K In Taxes, Is Being Sued By A Paparazzo

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Wait, Lindsay Lohan is completely irresponsible? Haha get the fuck outta here! TMZ reports:

According to official documents filed in Los Angeles, the Internal Revenue Service has obtained a lien against Lohan for $93,701.57 for failure to pay her federal income tax. 2009 wasn’t a very lucrative year for Lohan … she only released one crappy made-for-TV movie, coupled with a few minor TV appearances. Now, if Lohan refuses to pay the debt … the government can go after anything that belongs to her … including homes, cars and bank accounts … assuming she has any of those things.

This wouldn’t be a Lindsay story if Lindsay didn’t immediately give a stiff arm and throw somebody else under the bus. TMZ says:

Lindsay Lohan had no idea she was so deeply in the hole to Uncle Sam … because she THOUGHT she had accountants to take care of that crap for her … sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ…Now, sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she was completely unaware of the problem. We’re told Lindsay actually cleaned house recently and replaced most of her business team. Our sources say Lindsay believes the debt was most likely lost in the shuffle, but the issue will be handled immediately.

But wait! There’s more! She’s being sued. TMZ reports:

A paparazzo is suing Lindsay Lohan … claiming he was badly injured when the car in which Lindsay was riding tried making a fast getaway from a Hollywood club and nailed him. Grigor Balyan was taking pictures of Lindsay at the time of the accident on January 10, 2010. Balyan’s lawyer, Neil Steiner, tells TMZ … Lindsay is being sued because her assistant was driving the car at her direction. Steiner says his client was medically treated for orthopedic and neurologic injuries. Steiner says he tried settling with Lindsay’s insurance company but they only made “an insignificant offer.” He says all he wants for his client is “reasonable compensation.”

If you wake up one morning and turn on your computer and read a story about Lindsay Lohan rescuing a kitten from a tree or walking into a jewelry store and buying something then giving her change to a homeless man, walk outside immediately and look around. Obviously you’re in some sort of alternate universe.