The Site Asking You To Boycott Kim Kardashian Is Being Sued By Kim Kardashian

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“LOL I have to pay this Chinese person or whatever she is. Any black guys outside?”

Because Kris Jenner doesn’t have full editorial control and isn’t allowed to make the truth into a lie, the founder of is being sued by the Kardashians. Imagine that. Fox News reports:

A web site blasting all things Kim Kardashian has finally gotten under the reality star’s skin. Kim Kardashian has reportedly sicced her high-powered lawyers on the founder of, a web site that claims, among other things, that the Kardashians are “un-American” and that the family is “a stain on our culture” and “an embarrassment for our country.” The founder of was contacted by the Kardashian family’s general counsel Christopher T. Wilson, who said that hard-boiled Hollywood attorney Martin Singer intended to file a criminal harassment complaint against him. “They try to scare you,” the web site’s founder, who laughed off the threats, told the New York Daily News. “They do not want bad publicity.” During what is described as a “lengthy phone conversation” between the web site’s founder and Wilson, the attorney “expressed dismay” over an item on the site suggesting that readers contact Singer to voice their opinion on published reports that Kardashian-endorsed products were made in Chinese sweatshops. The founder of, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims that he “did not encourage anyone to harass” Singer, but instead “encouraged them to call with their own personal opinion.” Singer’s name and contact information has since been removed from the site. has gathered more than 512,000 signatures from people who have pledged not to do business with companies associated with the Kardashian clan.

I really don’t have a joke here, but if my monthly stats are correct, if every one of you signs this petition, we can increase their signatures by 600%. So get on that. Look, your porn or the website about cats will still be there when you’re done. Jesus, it will only take a minute, asshole. Quit being such a little bitch.

Kris Jenner is Buddy Israel. I hope everyone realizes that: