That Was Quick

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Russell Brand isn’t wasting any time. Us Weekly reports:

Moving vans were spotted Wednesday outside Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s L.A. home. The duo, who announced their split Dec. 30, purchased the massive, seven bedroom three-story home for $6.5 million in June. So what led to the end of Brand and Perry’s 14-month marriage? A source tells the new Us Weekly, on stands Friday, that Brand, 36, blindsided Perry, 27, when he filed for divorce without consulting her. “The plan was for Katy and Russell to have the holidays apart, then see if they wanted to go through with a separation,” says a source.

Maybe it’s me, but I think once you decide to skip Christmas with your wife, your mind’s been made up already. Maybe when Russell Brand figured out that can wake up to something like this instead of something like this and walk away with close to $30 million in a settlement, he may not have needed as much time to deliberate as Katy anticipated.