Angelina Bought Brad A Waterfall

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As Paul Mooney once said, Angelina Jolie could bring a live chicken home and say she adopted it and Brad Pitt would jump up and say, “Come here, chicken! I’m your new daddy!”. And this is one of the reasons why. For his 48th birthday, she bought him a waterfall. A WATERFALL.Us Magazine reports:

The In the Land of Blood and Honey director, 36, purchased a waterfall in California for longtime love Brad Pitt, according to The Daily Mail. The grand gesture served as both Pitt’s 48th birthday and Christmas presents. Pitt, who has six children with Jolie, is planning to build a house over the waterfall inspired by his favorite American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. “Brad has dreamed of a home with the sound of a waterfall cascading under the house,” a source tells the site. “He wants to pull all aspects of nature, light, glass and varying levels into the concept.” “Angelina wanted to get him something incredibly special and, because she knows how much he loves architecture, she thought this would be perfect,” a source tells The Daily Mail. “This is the present to top all presents.”

It’s already been well-documented that Angelina will fuck you anywhere at anytime and she might even ask one of her chick friends to join in. Now after that, instead of getting a sandwich, you get a fucking waterfall. Step your game up, ladies.