Alex Rodriguez Is Up In This

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Alex Rodriguez prefers blondes who are randomly tested for HGH, so we can totally believe the new rumor that he’s dating former WWE and WCW wrestler Torrie Wilson. People reports:

After former WWE beauty Stacy Keibler got a grasp on George Clooney, her pal Torrie Wilson, a former wrestling diva and a 2004 Playboy cover model, has been spending time with New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez. Before Christmas, all four joined other friends on a getaway to Cabo San Lucas, and Rodriguez and Wilson, both 36, on another occasion reportedly were seen riding bicycles in Miami. Then on Monday, Rodriquez and Wilson were working out in the same gym in her hometown of Boise, Idaho, says local TV anchor Mike Murad, who was also in the gym and Tweeted a photo of Rodriguez on an exercise bike. “I did speak with him briefly,” Murad tells the Idaho Statesman. “He didn’t tell me why he was here, but did tell me he was trying to keep a low profile.”

Besides every episode of Jackass, wrestling is probably the most homoerotic thing on television, so this really won’t do anything to stop the “Alex Rodriguez is gay” thing. Please keep in mind that this was best picture I could find of Torrie Wilson. I mean, she technically has tits, but let’s be honest, so does a cow.