Kim Kardashian Is Overpaid

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While Chinese kids hold in their pee to sew together the dresses for her Kollection for $15 a month, Kim Kardashian kommands $600,000 to appear in Vegas and do nothing. Radar Online reports:

The big winner is Kim Kardashian currently embroiled in a scandal about sweatshop conditions at the Chinese factories that manufacture some of her clothing lines. The former Mrs. Kris Humphries is being paid an estimated $600,000 to appear at Tao. The fee is part of a large, multi-event deal. Also in Las Vegas, Black Eyed Pea Fergie is earning about $100,000 for playing the new 1Oak at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, reports The New York Post. Ashton Kutcher had several big money offers but turned them all down. Katy Perry, a source tells The Post, was asking $250,000 to appear but not perform at a club. So far, have not been any takers. P. Diddy was in talks to perform at the opening of Hyde in Vegas but the deal wasn’t to his liking … Other reality stars including Kourtney Kardashian and her baby daddy Scott Disick, and several members of the Jersey Shore are also making Vegas appearances.

Fergie is the cheapest one here and is the only one who would actually be doing anything for her money (though in Katy Perry’s defense, she should never be paid to sing whatsoever). The rest of this list should never be paid to show up anywhere other than a shooting range.