Leonardo DiCaprio Is Up In This Now

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While filming The Great Gatsby in Australia, Leonardo DiCaprio was banging two Australian models. But you can only bang two Australian models simultaneously for so long before you get bored, so sometimes you have to bang a 22-year old Victoria’s Secret model from Illinois. Herald Sun reports:

LEONARDO DiCaprio’s Christmas will be a splendid one if current flame Erin Heatherton’s shopping splurge is an indication. The gorgeous American Victoria’s Secret model yesterday swept into Sydney lingerie shop Elegantly Scant and snapped up almost $1700 worth of frillies. Heatherton has been at DiCaprio’s side for the past month, the couple having their first public sighting in Sydney at a martial arts contest on December 9 at Luna Park. Now it seems the leggy model is planning to fly home with DiCaprio tomorrow and, perhaps tired of her collection of Victoria’s Secret scanties, is in need of some new nightwear to keep DiCaprio interested..

Just to put this in perspective, a Victoria’s Secret model has to make an emergency run to a lingerie shop and spend $1,700 just to better her chances of being allowed to board Leo’s plane. Now go walk over to your girlfriend who’s wearing sweatpants while she’s wrapping presents and make it sound like you love her. Let me know if you need me to walk you through it.