The Kardashians Say They Don’t Use Chinese Slave Labor

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E! News waited until 4pm yesterday to acknowledge that their cash cows use Chinese slave labor, and in a shocking turn, it was completely slanted and subjective. I think I’m using the word “shocking” wrong.

“The story is not true,” the Kardashians’ rep, Jill Fritzo, tells E! News. The family was tipped off the explosive allegations after the dubious tandem of Star magazine and Radar claimed that certain items from the K-Dash by Kardashian label, the Kris Jenner Kollection and ShoeDazzle, a company cofounded by Kim Kardashian, were made under horrific conditions. The publications alleged factory employees often work up to 84 hours a week in non-air-conditioned facilities and earn only $1 an hour. That prompted a probe by the watchdog group Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights. The family itself said it was taking the accusations “very seriously,” and after checking things out determined the report was wrong.

Kris Jenner is taking the allegations so seriously in fact that instead of flying to China personally to see the working conditions of these factories that allow her to make $65M in profit instead of $10M herself, she’s now suing anyone who might have the audacity to suggest that her sole purpose in life is to make as much money as she can.

TMZ reports:

The Kardashian family is preparing for war — gearing up to unleash a legal attack on everyone who claimed their clothing line is manufactured in child slave labor sweat shops in China … TMZ has learned. Sources close to the family tell us … Kris Jenner is furious — claiming the guy who runs the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights had no right to accuse the Kardashian brands of wrongdoing because he has no tangible proof to back up his claims. Jenner also believes Star Magazine’s cover — which screamed “Kardashian Sweatshop Scandal” — was not only unfair … but libelous … and it should have to pay for any damage that has been caused to the brand’s reputation.

Kris Jenner exploits and whores out her own children on primetime television, so let’s not kid ourselves into thinking she gives one fuck about some starving Chinese kid making her shitty clothes 84 hours a week. The Kardashian family is a microcasm of everything that is wrong with America. It’s funny how the whole family feigns concern about the genocide in Armenia and the atrocious conditions in Haiti, but have no problem putting a shock collar around some Chinese kid’s neck with no other options if he doesn’t make his daily quota of cropped fur vests. Fuck them I guess is what I’m trying to say.