Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Are Engaged

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Justin Timberlake reportedly proposed to his longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel yesterday at a luxury resort in Wyoming. I know, this is shocking news. I didn’t know there was a luxury resort in Wyoming either. Mirror reports:

Justin Timberlake proposed to girlfriend Jessica Biel at a luxury resort in Wyoming on Monday, according to secret sources in the States. The pair are apparently staying at five star skiing resort in Jackson called the Amangani, and – if local reports are to be believed – that’s where Justin got down on one knee. An art gallery in the Jackson apparently heard the news (they were quite literally the talk of the town) and wrote the following tweet: “Word on the street is that Justin Timberlake proposed to Jessica Biel at the Amangani last night.” OK, so it’s not exactly firm evidence, but there’s no smoke without an, um, proposal.

I’d marry Jessica Biel just so I could be in close proximity to her ass everyday, an I haven’t even dated her for four years. I have read several articles and looked at numerous pictures of her ass online, so I feel like we have a connection. If this doesn’t work out, I’m sure she’ll call me. I bet she thinks about me all the time.